What Every Visual Artist Website Needs

As an art consultant specializing in undiscovered local artists, I click on a lot of websites. Good artist websites create sales for artists just by existing in cyberspace. Here’s how.

They provide a sampling of the artist’s most recent work.

It’s important to list information like title, size and material, for each piece, but also availability. Artists who update whether their images are ‘sold’ or ‘available’ prevent what I call “art abandonment.” A client will want to purchase a work of art, but they get cold feet when we have to wait until the artist gets back to me to let me know that the painting is still available.

The photos display the artwork as an an art object.

When a potential collector looks at an artwork image they want to know what surface it is on and how it will hang. It doesn’t matter how much they like the imagery if the surface it is on is unknown. Buyers need to be able to visualize the art on their wall.

They require minimal clicks.

A great artists and web designer once told me that with every click, you lose 90% of your visitors. This is why I don’t even recommend a splash page. Why show one image when you can show all of your best work?

The only writing is about their art.

The only text that should appear alongside art images should be the title, size, material and availability. Website with advertisements or that require instructions for use all distract from the quality of your work. Statements and Bios and Contact information should appear on their own page, navigable by your top menu and clearly named.

Their name is prominently displayed and so is their contact information.

Artists who use a street name are the rare exception. Contact forms are great, but it’s important to include another means of contact in case the plugin for the form doesn’t update correctly and fails to work. Instagram links are fine as a backup, just make sure the account reflects your art practice in some way.

As an artist and a consultant, I designed a simple, straightforward website template that functions as the web equivalent of a white walled solo show. Art Cricket is able to host a few artist websites, and we have availability right now. We handle the tech and you provide the art and information. See our For Artists section for more details.