For Artists

We’re here for you, too. We are introducing our new Artist Packages on a pay what you can scale. What can we help you with?

Art Cricket Package

  • We help you become Art Cricket ready by guiding you through our checklist to complete your professional artist documents and your image database.
  • By the end of our correspondence, you’ll have all the files needed to start selling your work and applying for opportunities. We’ll advise and give feedback on your artist statement, bio, price list, and more.

Agent Package

  • .We speak with potential buyers and facilitate sales for you
  • We guide you and your collector through the commissioned artwork process.

Pricing Package

  • We consult with you to ensure you are charging an appropriate price for your work.
  • We’ll discuss different methods for tabulating price, and show you what artists like you are charging.

Website Package

  • We are accepting a 3 artists to provide websites for.
  • Our art website design maintains focus on artwork while being extremely user friendly, and is optimized for mobile and desktop users.
  • This site can function to meet and maintain the Art Cricket LA artist document and database requirement.
  • Our site layout include 1 splash page (optional, not recommended), 2 art pages (e.g. new work, old work), contact page, about page and 24 images for a low yearly rate. Images and files can be updated once per year.
  • We handle details like hosting, domain, server pointing, etc. You provide the images and writings.
  • Includes one address.

Interested in joining our database?
Our requirements:

  • Wall hanging art only
  • Maintain an accessible updated database of available work
  • Maintain updated artist documents
  • We offer the Art Cricket Package above on a pay what you can basis for those who need guidance creating their database and artist documents